Minute 093: She Gives Herself Away, Like a Fool

Ed is explaining to Shaheen about the plan for the remaining three emeralds.

“She’ll tell you where they can be found. You’ll never hear from her again,” says Ed, explaining Diana’s role in the scheme. 

“Then, you wait for the call with me,” says Shaheen, “as long as it takes.”

 “No,” replies Ed. “She makes the call when we’re reunited. When I’m safe, too.” 

Shaheen laughs. “You expect me to believe you won’t take the other half?” 

“Good faith,” says Ed. “We could have taken them all.”

“How do you know she has not already run away? Left you behind, with me?” says Shaheen.

Ed ponders for a moment. “I don’t,” he replies. “It’s a risk we’ll both have to take.”

“This girl,” says Shaheen, “goes with anyone who takes care of her. She gives herself away, like a fool. She has nothing of her own – only what’s give, or what she takes. This is a foolish risk.”

“Right now, there’s really no choice,” replies Ed.

“For you, maybe,” says Shaheen. 

At the Flower Mart, Diana ties a velvet bag of emeralds to a bouquet of roses. 

“Aren’t they beautiful?” asks the florist as Diana sniffs the roses. 

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer     as Diana
  • Irene Pappas     as Shaheen Pahlevi
  • Michael Zand     as SAVAK
  • Hadi Sadjadi     as SAVAK
  • Beruce Gramian     as SAVAK
  • John Landis     as SAVAK
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