Minute 111: Can I Have a Ride to the Airport?


Ed walks into the Ramada hallway. There’s a National Airline poster featuring a picture of the Arc d’Triomphe and “Paris” written at the top. 

He walks toward a housekeeper standing next to a cleaning cart. 

“Excuse me,” says Ed. “Did you see a woman with blonde hair and a red jacket?”

“She said ‘no disturb’,” replies the housekeeper. 

“The blonde woman?” asks Ed. 

“The lady,” says the housekeeper.

“You saw her?” asks Ed. 

“Si,” replies the housekeeper.

“When?” asks Ed.

“Yesterday,” replies the housekeeper.

“What?” says Ed, looking at his watch. Ed realizes he’s been asleep for more than a day.

“Clean your room now?” asks the housekeeper. Ed doesn’t answer, so the housekeeper shrugs and turns back to her cleaning cart.

Ed looks back down the hallway, only to see Diana, now wearing a black jacket and carrying a large handbag. Diana smiles at him.

“Can I have a ride to the airport?” asks Diana. 

Ed smiles back at her.

B.B. King’s  In the Midnight Hour begins to play. 

Under Ed’s smile, the title “JEFF GOLDBLUM” appears. 

Under Diana’s smile, the title “MICHELLE PFEIFFER” appears.

A series of images from the movie appears, highlighting the primary cast:

Colin Morris, with the title “DAVID BOWIE”;

Shaheen Pavesi, with the title “IRENE PAPAS”;

Herb, with the title “DAN AYKROYD”;

Christie, with the title “KATHRYN HARROLD”.

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer     as Diana
  • Alma Beltran     as Cleaning Woman
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