Minute 091: Those are Not for You


The SAVAK crew continues to frisk Ed in front of the Ferrari. The SAVAK man with glasses finds three of the perfect emeralds.

“Those are not for you!” says Ed.

At the front door, Shaheen asks, “Are they for me?”

The four SAVAK men lead Ed around the pool and fountain to the front door. They walk down a hallway. Ed glances into a dining room, and sees three men eating a meal at the dining room table.

Ed looks the other way, and sees Shaheen surrounded by seven men and another woman. One of the men gestures to Ed and says something in Farsi.

Meanwhile, in Mrs. Caper’s Rolls-Royce, Diana drives somewhere near East 8th St., in central Los Angeles.

Back at Shaheen’s mansion, the four SAVAK men are seated next to each other, eating pistachios from a giant serving bowl.

Shaheen sits in a chair opposite Ed, while five other men stand or sit behind them. A stuffed peacock is positioned to the right of Shaheen.

“But, only three?” asks Shaheen, holding the three perfect emeralds in her hand.

“For good faith,” explains Ed.

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