Minute 049: You Talk to Me Straight


Hamid’s bodyguard, Mister Williams, tells Ed he’ll be happy to pass along any message from Ed to Hamid. 

“No, I have to speak to him personally,” replies Ed. 

“No way,” says Mister Williams, “He’s not here.”

“They just said he was,” says Ed. 

“He just left,” says Mister Williams, sternly.

“Look,” says Ed, “It’s from a friend of his – – a close friend.”

“You talk to me straight,” says Mister Williams, “or get your ass out of here!”

“I can tell you it’s a matter of life or death,” replies Ed. “I’ll tell the rest to Mister Muradi.”

 Mister Williams looks Ed up and down, then says, “Follow me.” They walk into an extravagantly furnished rest room. 

Mister Williams follows Ed into the rest room, then promptly grabs Ed by the shoulders and shoves him up against the sinks. He pats Ed down for weapons. 

“Hey, hey, hey!” said Ed.

“Man, you’re no cop,” says Mister Williams, “I know that.  Who the f— are you? What do you want?”

“I’m just trying to help somebody,” says Ed. “Listen, I don’t need this s—! Tell Mister Muradi, wherever he is, that one of his friends is in deep trouble. I’m going now.”

“Hold on,” says Williams. “I’ll go get him.” Williams walks out of the rest room.

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Carl Perkins   as Mister Williams
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