Minute 048: This is Mister Williams


Ed looks around the casino, at the bar and the dance floor.  He follows the club’s host.

At a Baccarat table, Hamid is surrounded by beautiful women and a dutiful bodyguard. 

“Cards?” says the dealer. “Place your bets. Player has eight, place bets!”

Hamid puts down a stack of chips as the women look on.

As Ed and the host enter, a tuxedoed employee moves a velvet rope out of the way. 

Hamid scoops up his winnings from the table. 

“And may we have cards?” asks the dealer. “Bank has nine, bank is the winner.”

The host brings the bodyguard over to meet Ed. 

“This is Mister Williams, Mister Muradi’s personal assistant,” says the host, who then leaves. 

“Yes, I have a very urgent message for Mister Hamid Muradi,” says Ed to the bodyguard.

“I’ll be glad to pass it on,” says Mister Williams. 

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Bill Taylor    as Host
  • Jim Bentley    as Baccarat Dealer
  • Houshang Touzie   as Hamid
  • Slavka   as Hamid's Girl
  • Erica Sakai   as Hamid's Girl
  • Carl Perkins    as Mister Williams
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