Minute 037: I Got Three More Lines


Ed watches Diana leave to talk with her friend Christie. 

Christie waves at Diana from the set of her TV show. 

“Diana, where have you been?” asks Christie as she hugs Diana. “God, do you believe this?” says Christie. “Look at this!” Christie whips open her long quilted coat, revealing a white swimsuit and a “Miss North America” banner.  She and Diana laugh. 

“I got three more lines, “says Christie, ” ‘Don’t please don’t…’ ” 

“I’ve gotta talk to you,” says Diana, in a serious tone. 

“Sure,” says Christie, looking around. She spots the assistant director. “Oh, David!” 

“Yeah?” replies David. 

“How much longer?” asks Christie. 

“Uh, twenty minutes, a half?” replies David. “Why don’t you go get warm?”

“Okay,” says Christie.

“Alright,” says David as he leaves. 

Just then, Ed walks up to Diana and Christie. “Excuse me, umm…” says Ed. 

“Oh, uh, Chris, this is Ed,” says Diana. 

“Hi,” says Christie, holding out her hand. 

“Hello,” says Ed as he shakes Christie’s hand. 

“Let’s go to my motor home,” says Christie to Diana. 

Diana turns to Ed as she and Christie walk off the set. “You should find a phone somewhere around here, okay?” she explains to Ed. 

Ed walks up to a rotary payphone attached to a telephone pole. He puts a dime in the slot. He dials 4-1-1 as two grips approach. 

“Very funny,” says one grip. 

“Excuse me,” says the other grip, taking the phone receiver from Ed’s hand. The first grip picks up the telephone poll and the two grips carry the prop out of the scene. 

Later, Ed walks by three swimsuit contestant extras standing next to a brick wall. Miss Western Europe is having leg makeup retouched between scenes. 

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer     as Diana
  • Kathryn Harrold     as Christie
  • David Sosna   as Kalijak Assistant Director
  • William B. Kaplan   as Kalijak Grip
  • Mark L. Levine   as Kalijak Grip
  • Heidi Sorenson   as Miss Scandinavia
  • Veronica Gamba     as Miss South America
  • Dona Speir     as Miss Western Europe
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