Minute 040: It’s a Hidden Pocket


Christie slips on her quilted coat in front of the dressing table. 

“So, you’ll hold onto these for me?” asks Diana, holding out the bag of emeralds.

“Sure,” says Christie, reaching into the recesses of her coat. 

Diana laughs. “What is that?” she asks. 

“It’s a hidden pocket,” says Christie, closing the folds of her coat around the jewels. 

“Thanks,” says Diana.

Christie smiles. “For what?” 

“Is there a phone I can use?” asks Diana. 

“Yeah,” says Christie, applying lip liner. “Why don’t you use the one in Bud’s office? He’s on the set right now and I don’t think he’ll mind.” 

Later, Ed and Diana are in Bud’s office. Ed pages through a movie history book next to a Wurlitzer jukebox, while Diana uses the phone.

“This won’t take long,” says Diana. 

“Hello?” says a woman’s voice on the phone.

“I’m sorry, I must speak to Jack,” says Diana. “Would you tell him it’s Diana?”

“Listen, Diana – – whoever you are,” replies the voice.

“I’m a friend of Jack’s,” says Diana.

“I don’t give a good goddamn!” says the voice.”You call here again-“

“Whoever you are,” replies Diana, “you better not hang up on me this time!”

 “This is his wife,” says the voice, “Don’t call back. Ever!” The line goes dead. 

Diana puts the phone down and looks at Ed. 

“His wife?” she says, incredulously. “What’s she doing there?”

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer     as Diana
  • Kathryn Harrold     as Christie
  • Vera Miles   as Jack's Wife
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