Diana walks across the Pacific Coast Highway with Sheriff Peterson. 

Melville tucks his pistol into his jacket. Ed Okin watches Melville to see what happens next. 

Diana opens the front passenger door. 

“Sean, Jeff – – come on, get out of the car!” says Diana, waving the two henchmen out of the front of the limo. Melville reluctantly nods at them to cooperate. 

“These men work for me,” explains Diana to the Sheriff. 

Diana opens the back door to the limo. 

“Ed… Pierre? Come out and meet Sheriff..?” Diana turns to the sheriff.

“Sheriff Peterson,” says the sheriff. 

“Sheriff Peterson,” repeats Diana. 

Melville sighs. “Merde,” says Melville, stepping out of the car. 

“Sheriff Peterson, this is my husband, Ed, and this is our good friend Pierre, from Paris,” explains Diana. 

“Can’t tell you how pleased I am to meet you,” says Ed to the sheriff.

Melville starts to talk, but Ed cuts him off. “Pierre doesn’t know how to speak English,” explains Ed. 

“He’s such a good cook, though – – who cares?” laughs Diana. 

“Well, it’s nice to meet you all,” says Sheriff Peterson, “Now, if you’ll just …” he continues, pulling out a notepad. 

“Oh, I’m sorry,” says Diana, “My name is Mrs. Ed O -o -Cohen, C-O-H-E-N. I live at-“

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer     as Diana
  • Roger Vadim     as Monsieur Melville
  • Robert La Bassiere   as Melville's Man
  • Yacub Salih     as Melville's Man
  • Reid Smith     as Sheriff Peterson
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