Ed and Diana are in Charlie’s apartment. The entire place has been ransacked. Posters are ripped off the walls, every piece of furniture has been torn apart. 

“Charlie?” calls Diana. There’s no answer.  

They carefully step through the rubble. 

Ed picks up a headshot of Diana that’s been torn in half. 

Diana looks at the ruins of Charlie’s kitchen. 

“Oh God,” says Diana. “I hope Charlie’s alright.”

Diana opens the bedroom door, only to be faced with two large men. She screams, then backs up to stand next to Ed.  The four of them look at each other.

“Where’s my brother?” asks Diana.

From behind the two men in the bedroom steps a gray-haired Frenchman, with a pistol. 

“Your brother is well,” says the Frenchman. 

“Where is he?” repeats Diana. 

“He’s not here,” says the Frenchman. “He fled.” He looks at Ed. “Now,” he says, “if you’ll come with us…”

“Do we have a choice?” asks Ed.

“Very droll,” says the Frenchman. “Very amusing.” 

Ed tilts his head. 

“Allez!” says the Frenchman.

Back at Bud’s Malibu beach house, the SAVAK men tear up the living room furniture. Bud and Christie sit, shocked, on the living room sofa. 

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer     as Diana
  • Roger Vadim     as Monsieur Melville
  • Robert La Bassiere   as Melville's Man
  • Yacub Salih   as Melville's Man
  • Michael Zand     as SAVAK
  • Hadi Sadjadi     as SAVAK
  • Beruce Gramian     as SAVAK
  • John Landis     as SAVAK
  • Paul Mazursky     as Bud
  • Kathryn Harrold     as Christie
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