Minute 057: I Hope She’ll be Okay


Diana kisses Ed’s hand. “Goodbye, Ed,” she says. 

Jimmy the Doorman lets her into the lobby. She waves to Ed as he watches her go. 

Jimmy opens up the passenger side door of the Cadillac to let Ed out. 

“Think I can get a cab at this hour?” asks Ed. 

An elevator door opens in front of Hamid’s apartment. Diana steps out and walks to Hamid’s apartment entrance. 

Back at the lobby entrance, Ed says, “I hope she’ll be okay.”

“Something wrong?” asks Jimmy.

Ed sighs. “Yeah, I forgot to giver her something.”

“You can leave it with me,” offers Jimmy.

“Well, no, I think I should give it to her myself,” says Ed. 

Jimmy opens the lobby door for Ed. 

“Thank you,” says Ed, and steps inside. 

Upstairs at Hamid’s apartment, Ed steps off the same elevator Diana did earlier. He knocks on the door. 

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer     as Diana
  • Art Evans     as Jimmy
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