Minute 032: That is a Fifty Five Thousand Dollar Car


Diana can’t believe her brother lent her car to Artie. 

“That is a $55,000 car, Charlie!” says Diana. 

“Jack gave it to you,” replies Charlie. “It didn’t cost you anything.”

“Oh Charlie,” sighs Diana. Jack moves toward the front door. 

“Hey,” says Ed, “You can’t just kick her out on the street!”

“She’s always got you,” replies Charlie. Charlie looks at Diana. “We’re going out. Don’t be here when I get back.”

As Charlie closes the door, Diana yells, “Elvis wouldn’t do what you’re doing – – and I knew him!”

Charlie whips the door back open. 

“You didn’t know him,” replies Charlie. “You  f—-d him, maybe, but you didn’t know him!” Charlie throws a handful of candy at Diana’s face and leaves.  Diana marches over to the door and slams it in Charlie’s face. 

Don sticks his head back in the doorway and looks at Ed. 

“Do you drive a little beige Toyota?” asks Don. 

“Yes?” says Ed, uncertainly.

“I thought so,” replies Don, closing the front door again. 

Shortly later, the two vagrants are explaining what happened to Ed’s car as they’re all standing in the alley. 

“The cops towed it away,” says the male vagrant. “Can’t be there.”

“The police towed it ?” asks Ed. 

“You shouldn’t have parked there!” explains the female vagrant. 

“Perfect,” says Ed, walking away from the vagrants.  Diana follows him. 

“Where are – – ” begins Diana. 

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer     as Diana
  • Bruce McGill    as Charlie
  • Jon Stephen Fink   as Don
  • Waldo Salt    as Male Derelict
  • Viola Kates Stimpson     as Female Derelict
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