Minute 031: She IS a bad experience


Charlie, Diana’s brother, tells her that he works for a living. He points a thumb at Don. 

“And so does he!” says Charlie. “Nobody gives me a f—–g thing, and I pay my bills!” Charlie walks into the apartment.  Don starts to close the apartment door. Ed looks at Charlie. 

“Are you her brother?” asks Ed. 

“Yeah,” replies Charlie. “So what?”

“What happened to my clothes?” asks Diana. 

“I tried to be careful,” replies Don, shutting the apartment door. Diana glares at Don.

Ed turns to Charlie. “Look,” says Ed, “she had a terrible experience. She was -“

“She is a terrible experience,” says Charlie. “You fly off to Europe like you’re hot s–t,  you promise, you promise but you don’t pay the rent. They finally turned the phone off! Do you know how much the bill was? Do you know how much *I* had to come up with? I had to borrow money from Don to pay the f—–g rent!”

Don peeks out the window at the street below. Ed glances at him.

“Okay! Okay, fine!” says Diana, “I’ll pay you back, no problem!”

“Right,” says Charlie, “Right, no problem! Don moved in  – you’re moving out!”

“Oh, come on, Charlie!” shouts Diana. “Lighten up!”

“You’ve been gone three weeks!” says Charlie. “You didn’t even call me!”

“Okay, fine!” says Diana. “Gimme back my car keys.” She zips up her red leather jacket.

“I rented it to Artie,” says Charlie, quietly.

“Artie?” says Diana, dubiously.

Ed looks away. 

“You get ’em back, right now,” says Diana.  Charlie looks at her, then pops a mint into his mouth. 

“He drove it up to San Francisco,” explains Don. 

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer     as Diana
  • Bruce McGill     as Charlie
  • Jon Stephen Fink   as Don
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