Ed Okin drives north on Slauson Avenue. Passing an Arco station, he stops at a traffic light.  

Someone shines a flashlight in his face. It’s two LAPD officers in a patrol car. 

“You alright?” asks one of the officers. 

Ed squints at the flashlight. “Yes,” he replies. 

“Light’s green, ” says the officer. 

“Oh,” says Ed, looking up at the traffic light. “Thank you.” Ed drives ahead, while the officers watch him drive away. 

At LAX airport, Ed is driving past the Terminal 1 departure area.  There are no other cars in the area. 

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum     as Ed Okin
  • Wes Dawn    as L.A.P.D Officer
  • Christopher Dunn George    as L.A.P.D Officer
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