Ed and Diana pull up to the parking lot toll booth. An LAPD office and the parking attendant are chatting. 

Ed tugs on the LAPD officer’s sleeve.

“This woman was attacked,” begins Ed. “It happened as-“

“Just. Get. Me. Out of here, now, ” says Diana to Ed. 

“It’s alright, it’s alright. It’s all over. Take it easy,” says Ed to Diana. 

“What happened?” asks the policewoman. 

“They must still be inside. There were two of them,” says Ed to the officer. “One of them jumped on my hood. There was all of a sudden a big,” Ed gestures with his hands, “a face – – I didn’t really get a good look.”

Noth- nothing happened,” interrupts Diana. 

“What?” asks Ed.

“It was my fault,” says Diana. “I mean, all they did was chase me. That’s all.”

“Wait a minute,” says Ed. “What are you-“

“Look,” says the policewoman,  “I’m off-duty, so unless you  want to file a complaint…”

“No, I don’t want to file any complaint,” says Diana. 

“But don’t you want to tell the officer – ” begins Ed. 

“No,” says Diana, “could you please just take me home, okay? Please? Just get me home?”  The officer moves away from the car. 

“Ticket?” asks the parking attendant. 

“Here,” says Diana, holding out some money. “Here, here, here, here.”

“No, I’ve got it,” says Ed. 

“No, no no, here,” says Diana, handing the money to the attendant. “Now go,” she says to Ed. 

“That’s a twenty,” says Ed. 

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” replies Diana, running her hands through her hair. “Would you raise the thing please?” she yells at the attendant. 

The police officer looks at the two of them, while the attendant opens the gate. 

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” repeats Diana to Ed as the gate raises. 

They drive out of the parking garage and head for the airport exit on Sepulveda Blvd. 

They drive through the LAX tunnel under the taxiway, as a Western Airlines 727 is towed over the jetway.

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer    as Diana
  • Hope Clarke    as Airport Officer
  • Eric Lee     as Parking Attendant
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