Minute 013: Here’s Cal Worthington


Ed Okin walks up to his bedroom window and peers inside. Unmistakable sounds of lovemaking are coming from inside the house. 

Later, Ed climbs back into his Toyota, and calmly drives away. 

Later still, and back at his desk, Ed dreams of his wife Ellen having sex with her car pool buddy, Stan. 

The scene is interrupted by a commercial for car dealer Cal Worthington.

“Here’s Cal Worthington and his dog, Spot,” says the announcer. 

“♫ If you need a better car, go see Cal,
    For the best deal by far, go see Cal,
     If you want your payments low, if you want to save some dough, 
     Go see Cal, go see Cal, go see Cal! 
     Old jalopy’s on the blink? Go see Cal!
     Maybe later than you think! Go see — ♫”

Ed is watching television. 

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum     as Ed Okin
  • Cal Worthington      as Himself
  • Stacy Pickren     as Ellen Okin
  • Carmen Argenziano       as Stan
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