Minute 007: If It’s Important, They’ll Let us Know


The cacophony of Los Angeles drive-time radio continues, with a traffic report from Commander Chuck Street. 

“…with a look at traffic. How’s it going out there, Chuck?”

“Well, we’ve got a bit of a slowdown now on that southbound Pasadena Freeway as you approach–“

” This is the Dave Hull program on KRLA, but we’re gonna interrupt the show now for this important special announ-“

Ed Okin shuts off the car radio as his car pool co-worker, Herb, pours a cup of coffee out of his Thermos. 

“Don’t you want to hear what happened?” asks Herb.

“No, not really,” says Ed. 

Herb shrugs. “Well,” he says, “If it’s important, they’ll let us know anyway.”

Ed smiles slightly. 

“Ah, a smile!” says Herb. “Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. Alright, Mister No-Sleep, I have something for you: what’s three miles long, and has an IQ of one hundred and sixty-five?”

“The St. Patrick’s Day Parade,” says Ed. 

“Actually,” replies Herb, “it’s the Cinqo de Mayo Parade.”

“I can’t sleep anymore, Herb,” says Ed. ” 

“Are – are you going to be alright?” asks Herb. “I don’t want you nodding at the wheel here.”

“I dunno, “says Ed, rubbing his forehead. “I’m fine.”

“We could switch,” says Herb.

“I’m fine,” repeats Ed. “I’m fine. I’m okay.” Ed sighs. “I dunno, I dunno – – my job is a dead-end… I feel weird, like I’m from another planet or something. Ellen kissed me on the top of my head this morning and said ‘have a nice day’  can -“


In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Dan Aykroyd   as Herb
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