Minute 006: Hear How Good Our Country Sounds


Ellen picks up her briefcase and leaves out the front door. Ed watches her go. 

Ed peeks out the front curtain, seeing a smiling Stan welcome Ellen into his Oldsmobile. 

“Have a nice day?” Ed ponders, still seated at the breakfast table. 

The scene shifts to typical morning Los Angeles traffic, as multiple radio jingles fill the air. 

“KABC – 79 – Los Angeles! Where’s it’s the Ken & Bob Company…” 

A woman taps her manicured nails on the windowsill of her car. 

An elderly man drives while browsing a magazine of nude women. He shouts, “I’m moving! I’m moving!”

A commuting woman sobs and cries while eating a bear claw pastry. 

“Hear how good our country sounds – KLAC…”

 “Rick Dees in the Morning – KIIS FM!” 

“KOST 103, Good morning. I’m David K. Jones” 

“Commander Chuck Street…”

In This Episode

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Stacey Pickren   as Ellen Okin
  • Carmen Argenziano    as Stan
  • Andrew Marton   as Freeway Driver
  • Sue Dugan   as Freeway Driver
  • Elizabeth Solorzano   as Freeway Driver
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