Ed crosses several lanes of traffic from the parking garage to the LAX terminal. 

Aero Norte gate agents are collecting boarding passes at Gate 53. 

Diana continues to scan the crowd for Ed. 

Ed runs next to La Cantina Cocktail Lounge near Gate 54. He looks at his watch, and then spots Diana, running up behind her. 

“Great!” says Diana, handing Ed the tickets.  She runs away from the gate to a pay phone. 

“What are you doing – what are you doing?’ asks Ed, frantically. “We’ll miss the plane!”

“I have to make the call,” says Diana, dialing the number to Shaheen.

“F— ’em, do it from Mexico!” says Ed. 

“No, no, no, no,” says Diana. “I want it to be over with.”

“You’re crazy,” says Ed.

“The flower mart downtown,” says Diana. “Yakamura Roses, it’s waiting for you, it’s in your name.” She hangs up the phone as they run to the gate.

“Wait! Wait!” yells Ed at the gate agents. He jumps over the rope as Diana sidesteps the barrier. They run down the jetway.

Onboard the plane, they find their seats. 



In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum     as Ed Okin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer     as Diana
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