Minute 068: The Truth Will Put Me in Jail


Waitress Amy pours coffee for Diana. 

“Thanks,” says Ed. Amy leaves. 

“And tell them what?” continues Diana. “How would you explain what you were doing up in Hamid’s penthouse?”

“I was worried about you,” replies Ed. 

“Some woman that jumps into your car at the airport?” asks Diana. 

“It’s the truth,” says Ed. 

“Well, the truth will put me in jail,” says Diana. She stirs her coffee. “We should try to see Jack,” she continues. 

“Jack Caper?” asks Ed. Diana smiles. 

“Yes, the one with the boat,” says Diana. 

“The one with the wife?” asks Ed. 

“He’s a very rich man,” says Diana. “I was his mistress.”

Ed looks at her and says nothing. 

Diana shrugs. “I, um – – I was modeling and, uh, trying to, you know, make it as an actress, and mostly I hung out a lot, and -” 

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer     as Diana
  • Amy Heckerling    as Amy
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