Minute 053: Where are the Stones?


Colin Morris is explaining more of the background on the jewels Diana’s smuggled out of Iran.  Colin assures Ed that he will be “far more reasonable than the SAVAK.”

“The SAVAK?” asks Ed.

“The Shah’s secret police,” replies Colin.  “Death squad. Iranian gestapo. Shaheen’s boys.”

” …Shaheen’s boys…,” says Ed, uncomprehending.

Colin laughs. “I like you Ed,” says Colin, “I do like you. You’re very good.”

Colin draws a pistol, and puts it in Ed’s mouth.

“The stones,” says Colin, simply.

“What?” replies Ed, pistol in mouth.

“Where are the stones?” repeats Colin.

“I can’t help you,” mumbles Ed around the gun in his mouth

Colin cocks the pistol. “We do understand each other, don’t we?” he asks,

“Uh, I don’t know,” mumbles Ed. 

Over Ed’s shoulder, Colin sees an LAPD cruiser approaching. Colin puts the pistol away, and smiles knowingly.

“Very good,” says Colin, “Very impressive. I’m sure we’ll chat again.”  Colin steps away from Ed, into the shadows, as the police car pulls up. Ed steps toward the approaching patrol car. 

“Can I help you, sir?” asks one of the officers. 

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • David Bowie   as Colin Morris
  • Robert Traynor    as Beverly Hills Cop
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