Minute 052: You’re Really Very Good


The two SAVAK guys look up and down Rodeo Drive as they stand in the middle of the street, trying to spot Ed. 

The tailor breathes a sigh of relief that the SAVAK guys didn’t shoot up his front door. 

Ed arrives in front of  the closed doors of Tiffanys, where he is supposed to meet Diana. He leans up against the wall of the store and closes his eyes. 

“You’re very good,” someone says. Ed opens his eyes. A man in a shabby suit and ill-fitting tie addresses him. 

“You’re really very good,” repeats he man, smiling. “I’m amazed we’ve not met before.”

“I beg your pardon?” says Ed.

“I’ve been watching you,” says the man, “ever since you’ve left Caper’s yacht. Very impressive.”

“Oh yeah?” says Ed.

“You can stop performing now, Ed,” replies the man, “if that’s your name.'”

“What are you talking about?” asks Ed.

“Okay,” says the man, “I represent Monsieur Melville, and I can assure that he can be -” 



In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • John Landis    as SAVAK
  • Michael Zand    as SAVAK
  • Jonathan Lynn   as Tailor
  • David Bowie   as Colin Morris
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