Mister Williams taps the bearded man using the phone on the shoulder. 

“Listen, Bernie, I’ll call you back later,” says the man on the phone. He hangs up and leaves quickly. 

Hamid sits down next to the phone. 

Back in the ladies’ lounge, Diana answers the phone. 

“Hamid?” she says. 

“Just a moment, Diane,” Hamid replies. He looks at Mister Williams, who looks at Ed. 

Meanwhile, at the Battaglia tailor’s shop, the SAVAK man who fell on Ed’s car is eating caviar on a cracker. A woman on his lap sips champagne, while another woman eats shrimp cocktail. The SAVAK man with the neck scar removes his pants as the tailor measures his suit jacket. 

Ed walks by the front of Battaglia’s and looks in the window. 

The SAVAK guy who jumped on Ed’s car makes a comment to the SAVAK with the scar. The scarred SAVAK turns, and spots Ed through the window.  He reaches for his pants on the floor, grabs his gun, and runs, pantsless, toward the front door. The other SAVAK guy shoves the woman on his lap out of the way, and follows the scarred SAVAK guy to the door. Both wave their guns at the door, about to fire. 

“No! Don’t!” yells the tailor, “Wait!” The tailor throws himself between the front door and the SAVAK men. 

“Don’t shoot!” he says, as he unlocks the door. The two SAVAK men run to the middle of the deserted Rodeo Drive, and point their guns up and down the street. 


In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer     as Diana
  • Carl Perkins     as Mister Williams
  • Houshang Touzie    as Hamid
  • Jim Henson   as Man on Phone
  • Michael Zand     as SAVAK
  • Hadi Sadjadi     as SAVAK
  • Beruce Gramian     as SAVAK
  • John Landis     as SAVAK
  • Jonathan Lynn     as Tailor
  • Rory Barish     as SAVAK Bimbo
  • Jean Pelton     as SAVAK Bimbo
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