Ed is looking at Diana’s photo album. Diana is in the bedroom, calling someone on the phone while she’s getting dressed. 

“Hello?” says a voice on the phone.

“Christie!” says Diana. 

“Di!” responds Christie, “Gah – where have you been? What’s happened?”

“Ah, listen, um – I’m kind of in the middle of a real bad situation here. “

“Me too,” says Christie, “We’re gonna be out here all night.”

“Can I come over?” asks Diana. 

“Now?” says Christie. “Uh, let me talk to Bud.”

“Chris?” says Diana, “Look, I need a friend, huh? It’s serious.”

“Yeah, come on over,” says Christie, “I’ll leave a drive-on for you.”

Ed is looking at a modeling headshot of Diana. Someone tries to unlock the door, but the chain that Diana set blocks the way in. 

 “Open the f—ing door! Open up, you b—h!” says someone on the other side of the door. 

“Friend of yours?” says Ed to Diana. 

“Who’s in there?” says the voice behind the door. “Diana!”

Diana unlocks the chain. The door whips open, revealing an Elvis impersonator, carrying a guitar case and wearing Elvis’s Hawaiian concert fringed jumpsuit. Another man steps into the apartment behind him. 

Ed and the Elvis impersonator size each other up.

“Who’s this?” says the Elvis impersonator. “Looks like a narc.”

“He’s a friend,” says Diana.

“She makes friends so easily,” says the Elvis impersonator to the other man. 

“What is your problem?” says Diana.

“Hey,” says the Elvis impersonator, “I work for my money!”

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer     as Diana
  • Bruce McGill    as Charlie
  • Jon Stephen Fink   as Don
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