Pandemonium breaks out as federal agents shoot one of Melville’s men. The lead federal agent runs to pursue the men.

The SAVAK agent with the neck scar flees, stopping to pick up his glasses that have fallen to the floor. 

The SAVAK man with the beard reaches for a pistol on the ground. A federal agent shoots him in the leg. The SAVAK man grabs Diana and points a gun at her head, wrapping his arm around her neck. Ed steps toward them. 

The SAVAK guy yells something in Farsi. LAX civilians huddle against the walls and the floor. 

Federal agents shoot the other of Melville’s men, and then fire on the SAVAK man with the neck scar. He dies against a news stand in a hail of bullets. 

The SAVAK man holding Diana hostage continues to yells in Farsi, while police officers train weapons on him. 

“This is ridiculous,” says Ed, holding his arms out. At least a dozen officers are aiming their guns at the SAVAK man and Diana. 

Diana takes deep breaths as the SAVAK man presses the barrel of his gun to her cheek. 

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer     as Diana
  • Michael Zand     as SAVAK
  • Hadi Sadjadi    as SAVAK
  • Beruce Gramian     as SAVAK
  • John Landis     as SAVAK
  • Clu Gulager     as Federal Agent
  • Roger Vadim     as Monsieur Melville
  • Robert La Bassiere     as Melville's Man
  • Yacub Salih     as Melville's Man
  • Tracy Huchinson     as Federal Agent
  • Gene Whittington     as Federal Agent
  • Jonathan Demme     as Federal Agent
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