Minute 092: You Only Get Married Once


Shaheen and Ed are seated across from one another, while Shaheen’s men watch.

“Whose good faith?” asks Shaheen. 

“Yours, and mine,” replies Ed.

“Where are the other three?” asks Shaheen.

“Diana’s hiding them as we speak,” explains Ed.

“Hiding them where?” asks Shaheen.

“I don’t know,” replies Ed.

“And I should believe that?” asks Shaheen. Her men continue to eat pistachios.

Meanwhile, at the Los Angeles Flower Market, Diana walks past rows of cut flowers. She stops at the stand for the Yakamura Nursery (phone 555-7034).

“Can I help you?” asks the florist.

Back at Shaheen’s mansion, Ed continues to explain the plan for the remaining emeralds.

“Wherever they are right now, it’ll be somewhere where they can be discovered by anyone, or can be destroyed, so we don’t have much time,” says Ed.

A SAVAK man eats another pistachio.

“Do you have the money?” asks Ed. Shaheen sighs. Her men eat more pistachios.

Back at the Yakamura Florist stand, Diana has stacked at least a dozen bouquets of roses.

“At this bulk, Miss Bailey, I can give you a very good price,” says the florist.

“Whatever it costs,” says Diana, “You only get married once!” she smiles.

At Shaheen’s mansion, Ed continues.

“Only when she’s sure about her safety,” says Ed, “she’ll call.”

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer     as Diana
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