Jack, in his hospital bed, talks strategy with Ed and Diana. 

“He needed money in a hurry, and he used you to get ’em into the country,” says Jack. “That little s—.”

“People have been trying to kill me, too,” says Diana.

“Yeah, Larry told me about the men in the boat,” says Jack. “Must be Shaheen.”

“Hasi’s aunt?” asks Diana.

“Did you ever meet her?” asks Jack. Diana shakes her head. “Hard as nails,” says Jack. “She’s got a deal in escrow – major development downtown. Escrow closes in a week and she’s got to come up with a bundle. She called me for a short-term loan – a big one. But I didn’t need the headache. She mentioned that she might take Hasi in as a partner if he could raise enough cash. She had to know about the stones.”

Ed, who’s been listening to this explanation, interrupts. “Wait a minute, wait a minute – this is all about a real estate deal?”

“She can have them. I’ll keep my mouth shut,” says Diana. 

“This is about a real estate deal?” repeats Ed. 

“Honey, you know enough to get them locked up or deported..” says Jack.

“My wife sells real estate,” says Ed to himself. 

“…not to mention blackmail and murder,” continues Jack. “It’s not just the stones anymore.”

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer     as Diana
  • Richard Farnsworth     as Jack Caper
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