The SAVAK men jump back into their Mercedes and race after the taxi carrying Ed and Diana. 

The taxi drives past a fountain in the median of Avenue of the Stars, then makes a sharp turn onto Constellation Blvd.  The Mercedes makes the same turn. 

The taxi makes a quick right turn into the parking garage for Century Plaza Towers and the ABC Entertainment Center. 

After driving down the entrance ramp at high speed, the taxi driver stops and takes a ticket from the parking garage machine. The gate opens. 

“What are you doing?” asks Ed.

“Shut up, be quiet!” replies the taxi driver. The gate opens.  They drive into the garage.

Behind them, the Mercedes drives straight through the ticket gate, smashing the gate to pieces. The SAVAK men scream at each other. 

The taxi driver heads for the basement of the parking garage via a twisting helix of concrete.  He mutters curses in Spanish under his breath.  Sparks fly as he strikes the corner of the ramp with his car.  Diana is thrown against Ed in the turn. 

The SAVAK men are just two levels up on the same helical ramp. They continue screaming at each other. The SAVAK man with the scar wipes blood from his nose and face. 

The taxi reaches the bottom of the ramp. 

In This Episode:

  • Jeff Goldblum    as Ed Okin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer     as Diana
  • Michael Zand     as SAVAK
  • Hadi Sadjadi     as SAVAK
  • Beruce Gramian     as SAVAK
  • John Landis     as SAVAK
  • Domingo Ambriz     as Taxi Driver
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