Minute 004: Directed by John Landis


Credits continue as the camera focus on a house at 11575 Segrell Way, Culver City, California. The small house sits under an overpass of the 405. A beige Toyota Corolla is parked at the curb.

TITLE: Written by Ron Koslow
TITLE: Produced by George Folsey, Jr  & Ron Koslow

The camera moves to the bedroom of the small house.

TITLE: Directed by John Landis

A couple lays in bed, the woman, face down on a pillow. An alarm clock shows that it’s 3:20 AM. The man has his arms tucked behind his head, against the headboard. He is not sleeping.

The scene dissolves to the next morning. Meet Ed Okin. Ed is tying his tie in front of a three-sided mirror in the bathroom.

“Want some coffee?” his wife, Ellen, calls from another room.

“Just a minute,” responds Ed.  He walks to the breakfast table. Ellen is reading a newspaper. Ed’s breakfast of bacon, eggs, orange juice, and toast are already on the table.

In This Minute

  • Jeff Goldblum     as Ed Okin
  • Stacey Pickren     as Ellen Okin
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