Credits continue.

The scene shifts from the used car dealership to a Union 76 gas station. Gasoline is advertised at $1.16 per gallon. 

TITLE: David Cronenberg, Domingo Ambriz, Jake Steinfeld, Art Evans

B.B. King continues singing. 

I’m rollin’ and tumblin’ 
Spinnin’ end over end.
Got to have some peace and quiet, 
so I can find myself again.

The scene shifts to the Original Tommy’s World Famous Hamburger stand at 2575 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles.

TITLE: Michael Zand, Beruce Gramian, Hadi Sadjadi

Still, if you ask me what’s the matter,

I just don’t know what to say.

The scene shifts again to a Shell gas station. Regular gas is selling for 99 cents per gallon, with mid-range gas at $1.10 per gallon and premium at $1.29 per gallon. 

TITLE: Associate Producer David Sosna
TITLE: Costume Designer Deborah Nadoolman

There’s people all around me,

but I feel so alone

TITLE:  Music by Ira Newborn

I guess they’d like to help me

But I have to do it on my own.

TITLE: Music Featuring B. B. King

The scene shifts to Randy’s Donuts at 805 West Manchester Blvd in Inglewood, California. A large architectural donut fills the screen. 

I know I don’t have much of a choice

TITLE: Edited by Malcolm Campbell

I’ll go out of my mind

or into the night.

The scene shifts to a multi-car accident. A California Highway Patrol officer looks at a Ford Mustang II that’s been hit by an El Camino, while a tow truck operator prepares to separate the cars with his tow truck winch. Highway flares dot the ground. 

TITLE: Production Designer John Lloyd
TITLE: Director of Photography Robert Paynter, B.S.C. 

into the night…

TITLE: Executive Producer Dan Allingham

The final frame of the minute shows a small house under a highway overpass at 11575 Segrell Way in Culver City. 

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